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To be the centre of excellence to provide quality eye care services for all the segments i.e. poor, needy, economical and rich classes of the community with continuous up gradation of technology with the best eye care professionals.


To provide quality eye care to all sections of people of the society and improve its quality of life. As a centre for Ophthalmology, diagnose and treat all eye diseases, perform eye surgeries and prescribe and fit eye glasses and cataract lenses to correct vision problems at affordable prices with dedicated team to achieve 40% of the prevention of blindness in the area of 150 km radius around our base hospital.

  • Patient needs first.
  • We value our Patients (Customer).
  • We strive to maintain community health by providing quality services in our Hospital.
  • Equitable attendance to all patients stepping into our Hospital.
  • Ensure updating technology always.
  • Ensure being financially efficient and focus on development.
Motto :

We serve with courtesy, provide quality treatment equal to all patients.