GENERAL SERVICES:General Eye condition like Refractive errors, Infections, inflammations, Trauma, foreign body etc. are treated. Pterygium surgery, Chalazion I/c, Lid repair etc. are done.

CATARACT: It is the leading cause of bilateral Blindness in India. It has been reported that, it is responsible for 50 – 80% of the bilaterally blind in the country, cataract formation is a part of the ageing process. Even though vision lost due to cataract can be restored through a simple and minor procedure, it still remains as one of the significant causes of preventable blindness. Since the establishment of MSREDDY EYE HOSPITAL, cataract consultation and surgeries have been a part of its services. MSREDDY EYE HOSPITAL is equipped with World Class Infra structure and an expert team of Doctors to Screen, diagnose and offer the right procedural corrections for cataract and its related eye disorders.

MSREDDY EYE HOSPITAL staff are trained in LV Prasad Eye Institute, one of the best eye Institutes across the Globe in India and deliver the best quality treatment with state of art equipment and stichless cataract surgery and phacoemulsification , MICS with high quality lenses available at an affordable cost. Nd:YAg Laser is also available.

GLAUCOMA: Glaucoma presents as painless loss of vision. Early diagnosis is essential for prevention of blindness. In our Hospital comprehensive evaluation for glaucoma is done. We have advanced facilities like GAT (Goldman Applanation Tonometry). Gonioscopy, Humphrey’s visual field Analyser, Nd:YAG laser. Glaucoma surgeries like Trabeuloplasty and combined surgeries are done.

RETINA: Retina diseases vary widely, some are common and easily treatable, while others are rare and difficult to diagnose which require more complex investigations and treatment. Patients with retinal diseases experience array of symptoms from specks floaters, blurred vision to complete loss of vision.

We are equipped with Ultra sound B- Scan, fundus camera, FFA (fundus fluorescein Angiography), Green Laser (Slit lamp and IO mounted). Facilities for Intravitreal injections are available.


EYE SCREEING CAMPS : Comprehensive eye screening camps : The clinical team examines all patients for eye problems. Refraction is also done in the camp and eye glasses are also offered at affordable prices. Patients who require surgery or further evaluation are transported to the hospital for comprehensive checkup. Surgeries are done for selected patients.Under privileged patients are given free accommodation and food, Free surgery, medication and glasses.

DIABETIC RETINOPATHY CAMPS : Diabetic retinopathy screening camps are conducted in conjunction with diabetologists. Those who require diabetic retinopathy evaluation and treatment are referred to our hospital.


In the last 16 years Eye care team of MSREDDY EYE HOSPITAL has reached the unreached areas of neighboring Districts of Telangana State. MSREDDY EYE HOSPITAL conduct various types of eye camps to address the needs of all age groups.We partner with local Lions Clubs , NGO’s and other local bodies for conducting these camps at different places.

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